I didn't really do too much over  the holiday. On Saturday, I went to Bass Pro Shop with my dad to get my baby sister's picture with the Easter Bunny. On Sunday, I went to my step-mom's mom's house for breakfast then went to her aunt's house. I got back home a little before six and just hung out with my mom's fiance's family. After that, I painted Easter eggs with my mom. I did my Algebra Homework and
1.       Understand the Problem

The problem was that we needed to create a package to put inside an envelope so that we could safely ship a chip in the mail without it breaking.

2.       Gather Information

The materials we had to use were straws, index cards, Popsicle sticks, tape, and glue sticks. The rules were that the package had to be able to close and we could not put anything on the outside of the envelope.

3.       Develop Several Solutions

We knew that we wanted to use straws so the first idea we came up with was to tape the straws to Popsicle sticks that were glued to index cards. We would then put these creations on each side of the envelope and stick the chip in between them. Unfortunately, two of these would not fit into the envelope so we had to take a slightly different approach.

4.       Implement a Solution

Our final solution was to use one of the creations mentioned earlier and to put index cards stuffed with tiny straws on the opposite side of it. We would then place the chip in the middle of the two creations and hope for the best.

5.       Test and Evaluate the Solution

Our chip broke during the first test which consisted of Mrs. Ashlock dropping the envelope from a high distance. I don’t believe that the straws offered enough padding for the chip in the drop. Another thing that might have affected it was how compact the space was that the chip had to sit in. I think the chip broke due to the force of the two sides pressing together when the envelope hit the ground.

6.       Redesign and Communicate the Solution

If I did this again I would probably leave more space for the chip to be in so that it isn’t so tight. I would also probably use different materials like bubble wrap or cotton balls or something else that could be used to cushion the chip. I might also make a box around the chip to provide a bit of structure and somewhere for the cushion to be contained.

    Life before the Industrial Revolution was much different than it is now. Here are some of the things that have changed since then.
     Before the Industrial Revolution, everything that was made was made by hand and now we have machines that make the products for us. There used to be a lot of farmers but because of the construction of factories to make products people started to move into cities and farming was almost obsolete. There were no more cottage industries after the Industrial Revolution because they were replaced by textile factories. One product that was made during the Industrial Revolution were interchangeable parts which were parts that could be used with more that one product. This was a breakthrough because before the Industrial Revolution, there was only one part that would work for a certain product. The environment before the Industrial Revolution was much cleaner than after because of the creation of factories which caused a great increase in pollution. The invention of light bulbs during the Industrial Revolution allowed people to be able to work at night, because before this the only light sources people had were the sun and candles. Also, there were many more ways of commuting after the Industrial Revolution, things like trains and cars,  whereas before you would have to either walk, ride a horse, or take a carriage.
    So as you can see from these examples, the way that we live our everyday life has evolved very much since before the Industrial Revolution.
Over the summer, I did a lot of fun things. I went to the movies and to the mall and hung out with my friends. One of the most fun things I did was go on a trip to San Antonio. I went there with my grandma and her friend Sherri. We were going to visit my grandma's friend Lilly and also just to have a nice vacation. While there, Sherri and I went swimming at the pool that was at Lilly's apartment complex. It is much hotter in San Antonio than it is here, so we didn't get out of the house too much. One day, we went to the Alamo and then went to the River Walk. We also went to the mall one day which was outside of San Antonio. The rest of the trip was spent staying inside and relaxing, although I would've liked to do more. After staying for a week it came time for us to go home. All in all it was a very fun trip. I am very happy that I got to spend time with my grandma and still have a lot of fun!

The color that I am is blue. One characteristic of blues is that they ask why often. Blues also do not like to have their personal space invaded. People that are classified as blue are also very serious about school. All of these behaviors apply to myself. One weakness that occurs in blues is that they like to avoid controversy. I consider myself a very peaceful person and whenever people are having a conflict I often try to resolve it. I also get very tense when I'm around people, especially people I don't know. When it comes to school, I put all my effort into all the work that I turn in. Another way that I am like a blue is I don't take any form of criticism well. I am a very sensitive person and I often find myself worrying about what people think of me. I am also very insecure, another thing that classifies a blue. These are all the reasons why I am considered blue.