Life before the Industrial Revolution was much different than it is now. Here are some of the things that have changed since then.
     Before the Industrial Revolution, everything that was made was made by hand and now we have machines that make the products for us. There used to be a lot of farmers but because of the construction of factories to make products people started to move into cities and farming was almost obsolete. There were no more cottage industries after the Industrial Revolution because they were replaced by textile factories. One product that was made during the Industrial Revolution were interchangeable parts which were parts that could be used with more that one product. This was a breakthrough because before the Industrial Revolution, there was only one part that would work for a certain product. The environment before the Industrial Revolution was much cleaner than after because of the creation of factories which caused a great increase in pollution. The invention of light bulbs during the Industrial Revolution allowed people to be able to work at night, because before this the only light sources people had were the sun and candles. Also, there were many more ways of commuting after the Industrial Revolution, things like trains and cars,  whereas before you would have to either walk, ride a horse, or take a carriage.
    So as you can see from these examples, the way that we live our everyday life has evolved very much since before the Industrial Revolution.